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Starting around 1979, Godiva Week takes place during the first full week back in classes in January. Celebrating the spirit of Lady Godiva, Godiva Week is a chance for Engineering students to celebrate before diving back into classes.

Lady Godiva was an English noblewoman of the 11th century who ruled Coventry alongside her husband Earl Leofric. As legend has it, Leofric greedily imposed higher and higher taxes on the poor residents of Coventry. Lady Godiva, however, pitied the suffering townspeople and urged her husband to lower the taxes. Eventually, he consented, but only on the condition that she rides through the town naked on horseback. Putting the needs of the people above her own, she agreed. Out of respect for Lady Godiva’s selflessness, all the town’s residents (except for one “Peeping Tom”) averted their gaze as she rode. Earl Leofric kept his promise to his wife and lowered the taxes. F!rosh Handbook 2T2

Cannon 1997 p. 1.png

The Cannon, 1997, 14(5), p.1

Lady Godiva is considered to be the patron saint of engineering due to her recognition of social responsibility. Her story reminds us as future engineers that we must consider the wellbeing of others before ourselves, strive to achieve our best, and use our intel responsibly. We celebrate Lady Godiva and her noble cause in many ways, most notably by singing the seemingly endless verses of Godiva’s Hymn and partaking in the annual Godiva Week in the second semester. F!rosh Handbook 2T2