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Mr. Blue & Gold

The Mr. Blue & Gold contest began in the 1990s and was originally the only Spirithead competition held during Godiva Week. The contest is judged by a total of 7 students - 6 current Engineering students, including 1 F!rosh and outgoing Mr. Blue & Gold. The winner receives a Blue & Gold hardhat, as well as Blue & Gold boxers. For the year of their reign, the winner takes an oath that they must drop their pants on the command of any Engineering student.

Mr_blue_and_gold hardhat.jpeg

Mr. Blue & Gold hardhat

Mr. Blue & Gold 2014.jpeg


To win the Mr. Blue and Gold Pageant, contestants demonstrate their fine physiques by undressing to their boxers, their sexy appeal by telling their best pick-up line, and their lightening-fast engineering intellect by answering a randomly selected question. V. Kan, the Cannon, 1998, 15(5), p.1.

Mr. Blue & Gold.png

The Cannon, 1996, 13 (5), p.5

Interested in seeing what the contest looks like? Pull up a chair and enjoy the 2021 Mr. Blue & Gold competition (remembering it is not quite the same since it is all online):

Mr. Blue & Gold