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Godiva's Crown

Godiva's Crown began in the early 2000s. Contestants are judged on a creative act, by a panel of mostly male judges. The winner is crowned, based on a four-year rotation, as either the Queen of Clubs, Hearts, Spades, or Diamonds and receives a gold hardhat, a sash with 'Godiva' written on it, and a wooden horse named Princess. As part of the competition, contestants would put on a performance, often with a lot of singing and dancing, and bribing of the judges. In the past, contestants had to use power tools to nail, hammer, drill and screw together a wooden object. For the year of their reign, the winner takes an oath that they must click their heels together on the command of any Engineering student.

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inaugral godiva crown winner 2001.png

Toike Oike, 2001, 94(6), p.5

I don’t know if it even started as a bit of a joke in the grand scheme of things. We were all given these like typical masculine tasks to complete. Each activity was timed, so how long did it take you to cut through the two by four, how long did it take you to hammer in the nail, how long did it take to drill a row of screws type of thing... They put on music for us, and then we just had to kind of go and perform on the spot. In my case, I was a former gymnast so I walked on my hands and spun around and did some cartwheels. Kirsten Koehl, Godiva’s Crown 0T1.

Godiva's Crown 1T3 - Construction Challenge was almost the showing the guys that we could do things they could do right, it was a very positive place to be or position to hold. Just showing the world that girls can do anything .. that was sort of my vision with that and that you can still have fun at the same time while doing well with school and being involved and still have a great time...Well, I think, for me, I had to drink for that year everyone said Godiva. I never had to heel click. Kirsten Koehl, Godiva’s Crown 0T1.

Godiva's Crown