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Origin Story

It started with a controversial University-wide event called Mr. Blue.

The Varsity November 1989 p. 12.png

The Varsity, 1989, 110(22), p. 12

Varsity 1985 p. 3.png

The Varsity, 1985, 106(5), p. 3

Varsity 1985 p. 3 - later in September - explains rationale for Mr. Blue.png

The Varsity, 1985, 106(8), p. 3

Mr. Blue from Blue and Gold pageant skulebook 1990.png

Skule Yearbook (1990), p. 71

Mr. Blue and Gold was created as a Skule-only contest to crown the winner who would represent the Faculty of Engineering at the U of T-wide Mr. Blue pageant in November. When Mr. Blue was cancelled, it is assumed that Mr. Blue and Gold continued on as an event within Engineering and was moved to be part of Godiva week.