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This is a photograph of three African Canadian hockey players who played for The Black Flashes from Mount Forest.

This cartoon became a popular Internet meme around 2012-2013. The cartoon features a road sign that says, "Welcome to Canada, where we don't care who you marry so long as you both watch hockey" It speaks to the idea that Canadians are bound…

Christie v York 1940scr0_139.pdf
In this case, Fred Christie, a Black man living in Montreal, sued the York Tavern after the latter refused to sell him a glass of beer. The case involved the freedom of contract, including the right to discriminate provided that there are no laws or…

2 Picture Race, Space, and Place-Gentlemen of England vs Toronto Cricket Club (1872).jpg
Match 2-4 September 1872, at Toronto Cricket Club grounds n. side College st. e. of St. George St.

This is a photograph of a group of Black women in front of the YWCA building in Toronto
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