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i want to see if my daddy's come home

There was a natural disconnect between soldiers’ experiences and the home front’s understanding, especially in the opening year. Who could possibly comprehend the level and types of violence soldiers experienced without having been there? Nonetheless, soldiers actively wrote of their experiences in personal letters and newspapers published these accounts, along with lists of the casualties and losses, in attempts to convey what was truly happening.

i want to see if my daddy's come home.jpg

(I Want to See if My Daddy’s Come Home by Hallam & Richards, v.2)

Police man said “Little darling,

     Indeed I feel sorry for you,

Your daddy can’t come today, dear

     The last train has just gone through.

Your own mother dear I know waits and longs too,

     She’s longing for him And she’s waiting for you.

Kneel down tonight, by your beside and pray,

     The day will come when you won’t have to say…

i want to see if my daddy's come home