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King George you can count on me

Recruiting messages were adjusted to reflect the heightened public awareness of death and destruction.  Typical in this regard is King George you can Count on Me, which combines the “grand adventure” mentality while acknowledging – and at the same time trivializing – the discomforts soldiers experience. The first verse, included in the display below, is directed at those who are eligible to enlist but have not. 

king george you can count me in.jpg

(King George you can Count on Me, music by Cecil Birkett,

text by F.W.E. Bartholomew, v.1)

Your brother's “in line,” in the trenches,

     “Doing his bit” for you

 Laughing at many privations

     Comforts, all too few!

 Trusting in God and his country,

     To look after those in his care

 Show us what stuff you are made of?

     Take his place in the line, if you dare!

King George you can count on me