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The grim realities of sending men off to war, knowing full well they may never return, left considerable anxiety on the home front. Many of the song lyrics display optimism that the fighting men will return home unscathed from their experience. For after all, who would want to buy, sing and play music telling them their sons, brothers, or husbands will die in the mud of the trenches, or return irreparably damaged by the physical and psychological violence? Lyrics aside, notice that some pieces, as with Boy in Blue, were sold during and after the war with the proceeds supporting veterans and their families.

boy in blue.jpg

(the boy in blue. By Lewis Owen)

The moonbeams fall in silence on the lake,

     They hear her sigh s though her heart would break,

but she waits there, a sweetheart 'ever true,

     Looking vainly for the coming of her boy in blue