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This is a photograph of Iroquois Chiefs from the Six Nations Reserve reading Wampum belts

This is a photograph of a group of Black women in front of the YWCA building in Toronto

Six cats playing. Yes, even before the Internet, cats had a central place in our artistic imagination.

This is a photograph of the first page of the Order-in-Council that recommended the establishment of the North-West Mounted Police (which would later become the RCMP). The recommendation was made by the Minister of Justice, and was approved two days…

mountie e010862153-v8.jpg
This is a a photograph of an RCMP officer silhouetted against the Rocky Mountains

g20 police advancing.jpg
This is a photograph of police at the G20 protests in Toronto taken as the police were advancing on protesters. The protesters had gathered just south of Queens Park, Toronto, which had been designated a "Free Speech Zone". Police, however, ordered…

tout est possible.jpg
This is a photograph of graffiti art found at Toronto's Brickworks. It reads, "tout est possible" ("everything is possible")

Caption pasted on this item:Original Plan of the Toronto Purchase from the Indians, 1787-1805. Showing the 250,808 acres, of which Toronto occupies (1911) 10,477, sold by the Indians to the Government for $9,500.

From the CBC Digital Archives, online: Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism has forgotten one of the country's founding nations -- Native Canadians. Mrs. Monteur of the…

From the CBC Digital Archives, online: French and English should be the two languages of government from airports to federal courts, recommends the commission studying bilingualism. The…
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