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Continuous Gum Dentures

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Upper Continuous Gum Dentures

Continuous gum dentures were a method of denture construction in which a base-plate of platinum was covered in a continuous layer of porcelain. (12) Essentially, the idea was to unite individual mineral teeth to one another and to the platinum base with porcelain cement using a furnace to fuse all the materials. (9) (11)

This method was originally experimented by French dentists in the early 19th century such as Christophe-Francois Delabarre, (5) however it was an American dentist named Dr. John Allen who came up with the formula for the porcelain cement in addition to formalizing and perfecting the design and construction. (12) 

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Lower Continuous Gum Dentures

Of all the denture types thus far, continuous gum work was considered especially clean, aesthetically pleasing, and healthful. (12) The platinum base was incredibly resistant to bodily chemicals. (11) In spite of these advantages over other denture types, there were a few disadvantages as well. Continuous gum dentures were heavier, more liable to fracture, and also more difficult to construct compared to other denture types, hence their somewhat limited use. (11)

Materials used for Denture Bases
Continuous Gum Dentures