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Full Dentures

Full Dentures: In the case of most or all teeth being lost/unsalvageable in the mouth, full dentures were necessary.  Full dentures featured two plates connected via spiral springs, working with the jaws to secure them in the mouth. (8) Spiral springs were usually made from gold (9), and did not interfere with the functions of the jaw. (8) They did, however, feel intrusive until the patient adapted to them. (11)

the principles and practices of dentistry (full dentures with spiral springs).png

Full dentures with spiral springs

Though full dentures often relied on spiral springs for installation, it is noted that favorable circumstances allowed full dentures to stay confined in the mouth due to atmospheric pressure and capillary attraction - in other words, suction. (8) (11) Like with partial dentures, the process to create a double set of artificial dentures began with impressions so that the resulting prosthesis adapted well to the specific patient’s oral specifications. (8)

Types of Dentures
Full Dentures