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Dr. W. G. L. Spaulding 1898-1906


Dr. W.G.L. Spaulding

Dr. Wilber G.L. Spaulding graduated from the Royal College of Dental Surgeons in 1898. In that same year, he was appointed to be in charge of the library's collection and indexing of the dental journals. He is thus the first dentist-appointed librarian at the School of Dentistry (University of Toronto, 1898). Dr. Spaulding was in charge of the collections in the library reading room and oversaw acquisitions. During his tenure as librarian, he created the first index for library materials which was printed and circulated to all students and faculty, as well as all practicing dentists in Ontario (University of Toronto, 1898). By the year 1900, the collection grew to 600 volumes of journals and about 100 books (University of Toronto, 1898). In 1906, Dr. Spaulding created a report comparing the collection to other dental libraries in the United States and confirmed that our library had one of the best journal collections in the world, including popular periodicals: Dominion Dental Journal, Dental Cosmos, Dental Review, Items of Interest, International Dental Journal, Dental Summary, and the British Dental Journal (University of Toronto, 1898).

Selected Works


Spaulding, W.G.L. (1903). Don'ts on crown and bridge-work. Dominion Dental Journal Vol. 15: 348.

Spaulding, W.G.L. (1903). Report of committee on new ideas and appliances. Dominion Dental Journal Vol. 15: 349-351.

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University of Toronto Dentistry Library. (1898). Unpublished manuscript, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada. 

Faculty Librarians
Dr. W. G. L. Spaulding 1898-1906