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Milestones of Library Space

The current space of the library is about 700 square feet. We first moved her in 1959 from 230 College Street (the old Faculty building). The space changed as the study needs and collections grew or changed formats. Here are some highlights:

  • Summer 1984: The library was closed for renovations from July 31st to October 12th, 1984. This was part of a larger project from 1983-1986 to renovate areas of the building at 123 Edward Street, including an addition to the building to make more space for laboratories, office spaces, etc. Renovations included new wall paper, an audio visual room (now the Group Study Room), a small room for computer searching, and a renovation to the Reading Room. The Newsletter has "AIR CONDITIONING" added in all caps to emphasize the importance of such addition. 
  • Summer 1985: Library purchased a new circulation desk, carpeting for the Reading Room and graduate study carrels, new vinyl of the chairs, Venetian blinds, and a forthcoming security system is mentioned. 
  • November 1985: ST. APOLLONIA. Dr. Marjorie Jackson unveiled a stained-glass window of St. Apollonia, the patron saint of all who suffer from toothache. Funds for the windows were donated by female members of the dental profession to commemorate 100 years of admission of women to the University of Toronto. 
  • Library Video Tour: In February 1986 Paul Gratzer, Paul Grindall and Julius Zathureczky from the Audio Visual/Television department at Dentistry created a video tour to help with the 100+ new dental students. Unfortunately, we cannot locate a version of this video anywhere. If you have any copies or know of its whereabouts, please let us know
  • Not much is recorded about the space from the 1990s, but it does include an addition of 2 computer labs with 17 terminals and 2 printers that are used by our students to study. 
  • 2018-2019: The library undertakes the first renovation since 1985. This included a complete removal of all collections to storage and a closure from August to December 2018. Only about 1/3 of the collection is currently onsite. The current books are now kept in the Reading Room. Our space was transformed from a traditional looking library to a modern, bright, clean and comfortable space for our students, staff and faculty to enjoy. The former Alumni Reading Room is now a bookable Group Study room equipped with big-screen TV for presenting and meetings. 
Library Space 1897 to present
Milestones of Library Space