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I have a very vivid memory from the morning after the fire. We had a lecture in the mining building first thing in the morning. The fire trucks were still on site and a number of us stood on the steps of  the mining building and watched water pour out the doors and down the stairs of the Sanford Fleming Building. Even at that time the volume of water was quite significant. Bob Beaumont (CivE 7T9)


There is a staircase at the back of the Galbraith building (on the Convocation Hall side) that has a glass facing, and I remember the shocking sight of water that morning still cascading unabated down those many flights of stairs like some grotesque waterfall. So much water must have been poured to put out the fire! Marie-Anne Erki (CivE 8T0)


One unintended but welcome consequence of  the fire was that I was able to get a summer job that Spring with the then Physical Plant Department (now Facilities & Services) assisting the Property Manager for the Galbraith Building with numerous maintenance and restoration contracts that were the direct result of the extensive damage that the Galbraith Building suffered as water from the firefighting efforts in the Sandford Fleming Building flowed through the adjoining hallways, causing collapsed ceilings and considerable flooring damage. It was the start of my career at the University that has continued to this day. Steve Miszuk (CivE 7T8)


Water from the fire hoses poured into the adjacent building and rained down on the offices of the professors and grad students below, ruining everyone’s library of books, notes, etc. Anonymous (CivE 8T0)