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Witnesses to the Fire


I was there. My room at Knox College was on the 4th floor in East House, near Simcoe Hall. Looking over Convocation Hall, I watched with others as flames, smoke and steam reached skyward. We thought, if it spreads to Con Hall and Simcoe Hall, we are next. Anonymous (EngSci 7T8)

Fire029.jpg students outside.jpg

We were freshmen. I remember it being cavernous, but beautiful.  I remember it having a balcony that was condemned.  I don’t remember much else because it was just this old, run-down, non-descript building (remember, I was a dumb-ass freshman with no appreciation for history or architecture). That only lasted a few weeks as the fire took place in the winter (January/February?).  I remember coming to campus (I commuted every day from Etobicoke) totally oblivious to the fire (remember, this was the ‘70’s and there were no hand-held devices/internet and unless you listened to the radio news in the morning there was no way of knowing).  I remember there were fire trucks and firemen and police everywhere when I arrived.  We all stood around trying to figure out what had happened.  I don’t think I had classes there that day, and I think neighbouring buildings were also affected – so classes were cancelled. Henry Ulozas (CivE 8T0)

The Blaze
Witnesses to the Fire