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Professor L.E. Jones


I remember that I did get one of those salt and pepper shakers from Professor Jones (I was in EngSci at the time). I thought it was quite a gesture and kept it for many years until it somehow disappeared in a move (maybe it's in an Amsterdam coffee shop now). Jan Piekoszewski (CivE 8T0)


Items to note are that Prof. L.E. Jones actually made all these himself (i.e. several hundred for the graduating class who were freshmen when the fire occurred) and that he sweated the details such as different apertures for the salt & pepper portions and his (somewhat) stretch at using the SPS (Skule of Practical Science) motif on the article.  Love the "Sandford Phleming Structure" touch. Renzo Basset (CivE 8T0)

IMG_8485.JPG IMG_8487.JPG

When I graduated EngSci 7T8, He (L.E. Jones) gave all graduates a piece of the hardwood floor from the burned-out building, refinished into a small square showing its beautiful grain, and able to hold a candle. So I have a piece of the building I spent many happy hours in, usually busily keeping up with the lecturer, but sometimes marveling at the perforated acoustic ceiling tiles that held the sharp tips of countless paper airplanes that had been launched toward it hoping for a "hole in one", with surprising success. Lorenz Sigurdson (EngSci 7T8)

Salvage Operations
Professor L.E. Jones