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Heroĭska Ukraïna : iliustrovani spomyny z Ukraïny (1914-1920) = Геройська Україна : ілюстровані спомини з України (1914-1920)

A biographic album of 'Ukrainian heroes', depicting the army, leaders, politicians, organizations during the war compiled by Joseph Osyp Megas, one of the founders of the Mohyla Ukrainian Institute in Saskatoon during WWI, and who represented the Ukrainian Canadian Citizens' League at the Paris Peace Conference after the war.

Ivan Franko = Іван Франко

A biography of the Ukrainian writer, Ivan Franko (1856 - 1916), written by Mykhaĭlo Lozynskyĭ.

Providnyky revoliutsiĭnoho rukhu na Ukraïni = Провідники революційного руху на Україні

A pamphlet of the 'leaders of the revolutionary movement in Ukraine' containing with brief biographies, starting with head of the Council of People's Commissars in Ukraine, Khristian Rakovsky, People's Commissar of Agriculture, Dmytro Manuilsky, member of the Presidium of the Central Executive Committee of the Council of Ukraine, Oleksander Shumsky, People's Commissar of State Control, Mykola Skrypnyk, and finishing with portraits of V. Ellansky, Comrade Polozov, and M. Baran.