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Ognennye gody

Materials gathered by Vladimir Margulies who fled Russia during the Revolution in 1917, and documents current events to serve the 'general public and future historian'.

Programma Rossiĭskoĭ kommunisticheskoĭ partii (bolshevikov)

Program of the 8th Congress of the Russian Communist Party in Moscow, from March 18-23,1919.


A report by the Austrian Society of the Red Cross, for the period from March 1, 1914 to February 28, 1916, which details the management of assets, expenditures, and tasks completed.

Statut Soiuza Ukraïnskykh ZHurnalistiv ta Pysmennykiv = Статут Союза українських журналістів та письменників

Statute of the Union of Ukrainian Journalists and Writers approved at the General Meeting on September 10 and 12, 1919. The document outlines the need to protect the 'prestige' of the Ukrainian press along with professional interests of the union members.

Zbirnyk zakoniv i postanov Ukraïnskoho Pravitelstva vidnosno zakordonnykh instytutsiĭ = Збірник законів і постанов Українського Правітельства відносо закордонних інституції

Collection of laws and regulations concerning foreign institutions during the time of the Hetmanate and the Directorate, introduced and edited by lawyer Ivan Khrapko, a member of the Embassy of the Ukrainian National Republic in Austria.

Zhalibna knyha v.1 and v.2 = Жалібна книга

Two volumes of a register of names (book of mourning) of soldiers killed in action while fighting for the Ukrainian Galician Army assembled by the Soiuz ukraïnskykh invalidiv.

Primary sources