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Buntar: syn revoliutsiï = Бунтар: син революції

A play about a failed insurrection organised by pro-Soviet Ukrainian labour activists in Galicia in early 1920.

Dvanaitsiat = Дванайцять

Play about a group of twelve Ukrainian Bolsheviks who raid the homes of Polish landlords in Polish Galicia in 1922, and who are captured and executed by the police.

Kholodnyi iar = Холодний яр

Historical play about the Ukrainian partisan movement in 1921.

Kyiv nash! = Київ наш!

Historical play about the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen during the Bolshevik insurrection in 1918.

Peshchena dytyna : obraz z zhyttia naroda v 4-okh aktakh = Пещена дитина : образ з життя народа в 4-ох актах

A play in four acts written by Iieronim Lutsyk under the nom de plume of Roman Surmach and published in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

V hirnychiĭ Dibrovi = В Гірничій Діборві

Ukrainian translation by Antin Krushelnytsky of Gabriela Zapolska's short play 'W Dąbrowie górniczej' from 1899, whose action revolves around the instigation of a strike and explores the theme of solidarity within the mining community.

V Tarasovu nich = В Тарасову ніч

Play first performed in a prisonor-of-war camp in Freistadt, Austria. The photographs included in the book date from that performance.

Voienna liubov = Воєнна любов

Comedy that takes place in Galicia in 1919 during the Polish-Ukrainian war.