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Die selbständige Ukraine

A journal containing a brief article about Ukrainian independence movements throughout history written by Skoropys-Yoltukhovsky, who established the Central Bureau of the Union for the Liberation of Ukraine in 1915 in Berlin.

Dolia pratsiuiuchoho liudu = Доля працюючого люду

A publication from the Ukrainian Youth journal containing propaganda for the 'working people', along with a revolutionary song.

Komu byt samoderzhtsem vserossiĭskim?

A short piece promoting the 'secret activity' of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party within Russia.

Molode zhyttia = Молоде життя

Publication of the Ukrainian student society "Sich" issued in Vienna in 1921.

Katalog Vydavnytstva "Chaika" = Катальоґ Видавництва "Чайка"

A literary catalog of the periodical 'Chaika', as a supplement to 'Ukraïnskyĭ skytalets', listing Ukrainian literature as well translations of literary works from Europe.

Na perelomi = На переломі

Ukrainian journal dedicated to literature, arts and culture, edited by the poet Oleksander Oles in Vienna in 1920.

Prosvitnyĭ lystok = Просьвітний листок

Periodical issued by the Union for the Liberation of Ukraine in the Wetzlar prisoner-of-war camp from 1915 to 1916.

Rozvaha = Розвага

Illustrated socio-political almanac published by Ukrainian prisoners-of-war in Freistadt, Austria, from 1915 to 1918.

Samopomich = Самопоміч

Economic journal edited by Andry Zhuk and published in Lviv, Ukraine, from 1909 to 1914.

Selianyn = Селянин

Ukrainian prisoner-of-war camp publication issued in Salzwedel, Germany, in 1918.

Ukraïnskyi skytalets = Український скиталець

Journal published by Ukrainians interned in camps in Liberec and Josefov, Czechoslovakia, from 1920 to 1923.

Ukrayna, Rusya ve Türkiye

A journal of nine articles in Ottoman Turkish about Ukraine and its history.

Videnskyi kaiendar = Віденський калєндар

Illustrated literary-cultural almanac for Ukrainians in Vienna.

Volia = Воля

Weekly journal of socio-political and cultural life published in Vienna from June 1919 to November 1921. It reported extensively on political developments in Ukraine and was a source of information on the struggle for Ukrainian independence.

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