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The socialist movement in Ukraine emerged in the 1870s and was shaped by the agrarian socialist views of Mykhailo Drahomanov. In 1890, the Ukrainian Radical Party, which aligned with Drahomanov’s theories, was founded in Lviv, and became the first socialist political party in Ukraine. Throughout the 1890s and into the 1900s, factions within the Ukrainian Radical Party developed and other socialist parties emerged, including the Ukrainian Social Democratic Party and the Revolutionary Ukrainian Party. The 1917 revolutions furthered the rise of socialism, with the Ukrainian Party of Socialist Revolutionaries and the Ukrainian Social Democratic Workers’ Party playing large roles in the Central Rada and the government of the Ukrainian National Republic. Along with developing economic theories, socialist writers often criticized religion, opposing it to science and arguing for state secularism.  

Borotba za istnovanie = Боротьба за істнованє

A translation of the Earl of Desmond, Gerald Fitzjames','The Struggle for Survival' by Toma Tomashevskyĭ.

Chomu pozychaly viru = Чому позичали віру

A reprint of an early socialist brochure from 1910-11, written by the prolific Ukrainian academic, Vadym Shcherbakivskyĭ, under the pseudonym, V. Shvachka.

Chy Evropa maie skozachity? : Slovo ostorohy do nïmetskoho narodu = Чи Европа має скозачіти? Слово остороги до німецького народу

A Ukrainian translation edited by Mykola Zalizniak of Wilhelm Liebknecht, one of the main founders of the Socialist Worker's Party of Germany, who published numerous articles on the topic of socialism and the role of Russia and Germany, in the newspapers 'Vorwärts', 'Neue Welt', and 'Sozialdemokratische Korrespondenz' in the late 1870's.

Demokratychna respublyka : Narodne pravlinnia = Демократична республика: народне правління

An additional brochure about democratic republics and a potential autonomous Ukrainian state, attached to the clandestine monthly publishing organ of the Revolutionary Ukrainian Party titled 'Selianyn'.

Iak liude prav sobi dobuvaiut = Як люде прав собі добувають

A piece describing the political organization of the Gurians in Georgia written by one of the founders of the Ukrainian Radical Party, Borys Hrinchenko.

Iz Khrystom povoskresaĭmo = Із Христом повоскресаймо

A religious polemic lamenting the unity of Ukrainians abroad.

Khto z choho zhyve? = Хто з чого живе?

A brochure by the Polish socialist propagandist, Szymon Duckstein, writing under the pseudonym, Jan Młot in Geneva, who popularized Marxists theories in the 1880's and 1890's.

Kliasova borba = Клясова борба

A pamphlet about socialism reprinted from the periodical "Borba" (ch.9.) in 1908.

Lysty z Nïmechchyny = Листи з Німеччини

A collection of political letters written by Yevhen Levytskyi in Berlin, 1916.

Marksizm i darvinïzm = Марксізм і дарвінізм

A pamphlet by the Dutch astronomer and philosopher, Anton Pannekoek on Marxism and Darwinism translated into Ukrainian by M. Durdel and published in Winnipeg.

Natsionalna sprava = Національна справа

A collection of articles by the Ukrainian sociologist, Olgerd Bochkovsky, about nationalism and the state.

Natsionalna sprava, internatsionalïzm, imperiialïzm i sotsiialïzm = Національна справа, інтернаціоналізм, імперіялізм і соціялізм

A pamphlet by Karl Renner, a member of the Reichsrat in the Austrian-Hungarian parliament, for the Social Democratic Workers' Party of Austria, which outlines the possibility of social democratic reform within Austria as a result of the impact of the current war.

Organizatsiia ĭ borotba sïlskykh robitnykiv = Орґанізація й боротьба сільськитх робітників

A pamphlet describing the peasants' situation in light of a socialist transformation regarding the economy, harvest, and political organizations.

Pro pravdyvu i nepravdyvu viru, pro pravdyvykh i lozhnykh bohiv = Про правдиву і неправдиву віру, про правдивих і ложних богів

A pamphlet containing two short essays; the first an atheistic polemic by the Bolshevik Ivan Skvortsov-Stepanov, stating that there are 'no true Gods and no false Gods', subsequently the second essay from Nikolai Bukharin titled 'The Church and School in the Soviet Republic' thematically follows the first essay, with the work's first subtitle reading, 'Religion is the poison of the nation'.

Pro zhinochu nevoliu v istorychnim rozvoiu = Про жіночу неволю в історичнім розвою

A brochure exploring the the social conditions of women and the organization of society, written by Mykola Hankevych, one of the main founders of the Ukrainian Social Democratic Party.

Radykalna taktyka = Радикальна тактика

Part one of Ivan Franko's short booklet about the Radical Ukrainian Party's tactics regarding anarchists and Jews.

Religiia, nauka i sotsiializm = Реліґія, наука і соціялізм

A piece outlining the relationship between religion and socialism, as well as science being in the service of humanity.

Rozvytok sotsiialïzmu vid utopiï do nauky = Розвиток соціялізму від утопії до науки

Mykhaĭlo Lozynskyĭ's Ukrainian translation of Friedrich Engels' 'Entwicklung des Sozialismus von der Utopie zur Wissenschaft' originally published in 1880.

Shcho dumaiut sotsiialisty? : (pislia Ch.H. Kera) = Що думають соціялісти? (після Ч.Г. Кера)

A pamphlet written by Charles Kerr titled, 'What Socialists Think?' published by the Winnipeg based 'Robotchyj Narod', one of the Ukrainian Social Democratic Party's foreign literary organs.

Sotsiialĭzm a relïgiia = Соціялізм а реліґія

A brochure written in Scranton, Pennsylvania, positing science against religion, including an interesting chapter heading titled, 'Was Christ a socialist?'.

Sotsiialna revoliutsiia = Соціальна революція

Ukrainian translation of Karl Kautsky's 'Die Soziale Revolution'.

Viĭna i zavdannia ukrainskoho robitnytstva = Війна і завдання українського робітництва

A pamphlet about socialism written by Mariian Melenevskyĭ, under the pseudonim Ivan Hylka.

Vira i hromadski spravy = Віра і громадські справи

An brief article published originally in Kolomyia in 1892 by Mykhailo Drahomanov, appearing here under the editorship of Mykola Zalizniak's of the Ukrainian Party of Socialist Revolutionaries.

Zemelne pytannie a sotsyializm : shist holovnykh pytan nashoï silskoï polityky = Земельне питаннє а соціалізм: шість головних питань нашої сільської політики

Ukrainian translation of a work by Friedrich Hertz, considering the effects of socialism on the economics of agriculture as well as agricultural policy.

Zemlia i cholovik = Земля і чоловік

A Ukrainian translation of the Russian brochure about land tenure by Loĭko, which provides a historical background to land cultivation with examples of England and France.

Zhinka i sotsiialne pytanie = Жінка і соціальне питанє

Ukrainian translation of May Wood Simons' 'Woman and the Social Problem' originally published in 1899.

Z istoriï sotsiialïzmu, i Okhorona robitnykiv = З історії соціалізму, і охорона робітників

A brief history of socialism as well as a selection from Julius Deutsch's 'Sozialpolitik. Vortragsanleitungen' from 1914, the Austrian politician in the Social Democratic Workers' Party of Austria, who writes about the protection of the working class from the 'capitalist constraint'.