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Khor pidzemnykh kovalïv = Хор підземних ковалїв

Choral composition by Stanislav Liudkevych to words by Vasyl Pachkovskyi.

Nasha pisnia = Наша пісня

Ukrainian songs published in Wetzlar, Germany, in 1916.

Robitnychi pisnï = Робітничі пісні

A collection of nineteen songs in Ukrainian with a workers' theme including 'The Internationale', and 'La Marseillaise'.

Sichovy spivanyk = Січовий співаник

A songbook of 55 Ukrainian songs for the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen from before and during World War I, collected by the founder of the first Sich Society in Zavallia, Kyrylo Trylovsky.

Spivanyk Ukrainskykh Sichovykh Striltsiv = Співаник Українських Січових Стрільців

A songbook of the Ukrainian Sich Rifllemen from 1918, consisting of 83 national and military songs with lyrics, including illustrations of national symbols, Ukrainian historical figures, landscapes, and the army.

Ukraïnski koliadky = Українські колядки

Ukrainian Christmas carols dedicated as a 'gift' to the fighters of Ukrainian freedom who offer their lives on the 'alter of the nation'.