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In addition to political, historical, and literary texts, Ukrainian publications from 1914-1923 include works on a wide range of subjects. This exhibit contains pamphlets about cultivating crops and purchasing livestock, publications about the importance of cultural and educational organizations, a guide to Ukrainian orthography, which was becoming standardized during this period, and even a pamphlet on cryptography in prisons. 

Die weltpolitische und weltwirtschaftliche Zukunft von Österreich-Ungarn

An academic booklet about the Austro-Hungarian economy.

Iak oprydïlyty vahu zhyvoï khudoby = Як оприділити вагу живої худоби

A short pamphlet about weighing and measuring cattle including measurement and weighing tables.

Istoriia chervonoho prapora = Історія чевоного прапора

A Ukrainian translation of George Benham's 'The Story of the Red Flag: Its Origin, Ancient and Present Place in the History of the World' from 1897.

Liudi mysli i pravdy : ocherki iz proshlago russkago obshchestva : dlia samoobrazovanīia

A publication summarizing the major activities of the Russian intelligentsia under the rule of Tsar Nicholas I, in Moscow and Saint Petersburg from the 1830's to the European Revolutions in 1848.

O shifrakh

A pamphlet issued by the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party about communicating within prison systems using various methods of cryptographic numerology.

Le partage de l'Autriche : une dangereuse utopie

A pamphlet about the potential fallout for France if the Austro-Hungarian Empire would collapse during the war.

Pivnichno-zakhidna Ukraïna = Північно-західна Україна

A description of northwestern Ukrainian geography, history, educational institutions, agriculture, industry, economy containing statistics.

Polïtychni partiï Uhorshchyny = Політичні партії Угорщини

A pamphlet looking at the recent history of political life in Hungary.

Prosvitna sprava na selï = Просвітна справа на селі

A pamphlet describing the state of education in rural areas of Ukraine, calling for the development of Ukrainian cultural, educational, political and economic organizations.

Prykarpatska Rus : suchasnyĭ stan = Прикарпацька Русь : сучасний стан

A pamphlet describing educational and cultural organizations as well as the political parties present in the Zakarpatska Oblast, following the Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye in 1919, which became a part of Czechoslovakia.

V Krymu pri Vrangelie : fakty i itogi

An account of the Russian General Petr Nikolaevich Vrangel, who fought the Bolsheviks in Crimea and later evacuated to the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.