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Ce qui s'est passé en Ukraine

Open letter in support of Symon Petliura and the Ukrainian movement from Jean Pélissier, journalist, diplomat, and member of the Central Office of Nationalities, to Gustave Hervé, founder of the national socialist movement in France.

Istoriia ukraïnskoï vlady = Історія української влади

A summary of the main political parties, events and governments formed in Ukraine from 1917 to 1919.

Shliakh do katastrofy = Шлях до катастрофи

An account of Otaman Volodymyr Oskilko's failed coup in Rivne in April 1919.

Zymovyĭ pokhid 1919-20 rr. = Зимовий похід 1919-20 рр.

Account by Iurii Tiutiunyk, a military figure and leader of the national liberation struggle for the independence of Ukraine, describing the First Winter Campaign against the Bolsheviks in 1919-1920.