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Malenkyĭ dekliamator = Маленкий декляматор

A collection of Ukrainian poetry by sixteen Ukrainian poets published in the POW camp in Freistadt.

Moĭseĭ bezumnyĭ = Мойсей безумний

The art critic and writer, Mykola Holubets, who also wrote poetry appearing in the work titled 'Mad Moses'.

Mynaiut dni ... = Минають дні ...

A book of poems written in Ukrainian by the Archduke Wilhelm of Austria, under the pseudonym of Vasyl Vyshyvany, who fought as a Colonel of the Sich Riflemen, published after his family estrangement from his father Archduke Karl Stephan who instead harboured favourable sentiments towards the Poles.

Na viĭnï ta v nevolï = На війні та в неволі

Patriotic and military poems published in a Ukrainian prisoner-of-war camp in Salzwedel, Germany in 1917.

Peshchena dytyna : obraz z zhyttia naroda v 4-okh aktakh = Пещена дитина : образ з життя народа в 4-ох актах

A play in four acts written by Iieronim Lutsyk under the nom de plume of Roman Surmach and published in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Veseli virshi = Веселі вірші

A collection of Stepan Rudanskyĭ's poems reprinted in the POW camp in Freistadt, Austria.

Za zemliu i voliu! = За землю і волю!

A collection of political poetry in Ukrainian assembled by Pavlo Krat, with a preface by M. Hyshka.