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chinese labourers .jpg
This photograph depicts Chinese labourers working on the Canadian Pacific Railway mile sections of the Canadian Pacific Railway from the Pacific to Craigellachie in the Eagle Pass in British Columbia.

first offensive cartoon.jpg
The is a cartoon that was published in the Canadian Illustrated News in 1870. This cartoon depicts a Chinese man stealing the boot of a white man.  The Chinese man is being beaten by Uncle Sam and two other white men. This provides a concrete…

1980 article auto workers.jpg
This newspaper article reports on one of the most significant jobs losses in Canadian history, where a majority of auto-industry workers lost their jobs as a result of a financial crisis stemming from the United States.

From the CBC Digital Archives, online: French and English should be the two languages of government from airports to federal courts, recommends the commission studying bilingualism. The…

Globe and mail article re roncarelli.jpg
This is a newspaper article published in the Globe and Mail. The article reports on Roncarelli's successful lawsuit against Premier Duplessis.

backgrounder on mc 2009-20-e.pdf
This document is a background paper on Canadian multiculturalism. It outlines the sociology of multiculturalism in Canada, as well as the legal and policy dimensions of multiculturalism.

This map of Canada illustrates the territory covered by treaties with Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

This document is a fact sheet that summarizes and outlines the research complied by the Native Women's Association of Canada about murdered or missing Aboriginal women and girls.

This photograph captures people gathered at an airport to welcome the first refugees to arrive from Syria in Canada following ongoing civil war and a major civilian crisis in Syria. Syrians were welcome with signs in both English and Arabic.

This news story from 2010 discusses the role of the reference to "the Supremacy of God" in the preamble of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Different perspectives on the significance of the preamble are given.

This video shows coverage of a goal by the Pittsburgh Penguins Nick Bonino in May, 2016 by Hockey Night in Canada: Punjabi edition. The calls are made by the Punjabi colour commentary team.

importing labour for jobs we wont do.jpg
This newspaper article expresses concern about the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), which was initiated in 1973. This article illustrates how concern had shifted from bringing high skilled workers to bringing in low skilled workers to…

This image shows King John signing the Magna Carta in 1215. The Magna Carta is considered to be the first declaration in Western history to impose the rule of law.

This is a photograph of an Indigenous man holding a sign that says "No Indians beyond this point" on land that is claimed as traditional territory of the Secwepemc nation. The territory in question is called Skwelkwek'welt, and is the high alpine…

ontario needs workers g and m.jpg
This file contains a record of a newspaper article published in the Globe and Mail in 1964. The author expresses concern that the immigration policy at the time was not sufficient to meet the demand for workers in the province of Ontario. This…

1980 article equal pay.jpg
This newspaper article reports on debates surrounding pay equity, as Ontario considered enacting equal pay legislation. This article highlights some of political issues related to employment that existed at the same time that foreign workers were…

letter to editor ottawas timidity.jpg
Letter to the editor of The Vancouver Sun in which the author raises concerns about Ottawa's failure to act fast enough to respond to the perceived threat posed by Japanese Canadians. The author refers to the 20,000 (of 25,000) Japanese Canadians…

kettling lossy-page1-1280px-Toronto_G20_Protests.tif.jpg
This photograph captures police using "kettling", a controversial crowd control technique that involves boxing people into an intersection and slowing moving inward so that people are crowded tightly together. Photographer Jonas Naimark provides this…

This newspaper story reports on how the availability of Hockey Night in Canada in the Punjabi language has brought one family together. It captures the centrality of hockey to Canada even as the country continues to increase in cultural and…

A television broadcast detailing how some Japanese Canadians opposed compensation for their past treatment.
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