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History of Skule Nite

The history of SkuleTM Nite is best told by the documents of the past which capture and describe the origins and many stories of this event. Sadly, some documents were not available, so we have pieced together what we could with the digital records that were located. These images have been taken from full issues of the Toike Oike, the Cannon and past programs. Most items, if you click on them, will link to a PDF of the information in situ. 

Here is a brief timeline of major events in the creation and evolution of Skule Nite.

March 2, 1921: "NGYNRS in SPaSms," a revue that is considered the precursor to SkuleTMNite, is first held in Massey Hall.

1923: The show is moved to Hart House and is renamed "School Night." The performance itself was only a small part of the event - there were other activities featured, such as sports games, waterpolo exhibitions, and dancing.

1943: The spelling of the event is changed to "SkuleTM Nite."

1945: The extra events accompanying Skule Nite are stopped, leaving only the revue.

1969-1972: Skule Nite goes on hiatus due to lack of funding.

1973: Skule Nite is revived and has been held yearly ever since.

toike blurb 1948 - historical piece.jpg

Toike Oike, Volume 39, No. 11, February 12, 1948 p.4

toike blurb 1951 history.jpg toike blurb 1951 history 2nd prt.jpg

Toike Oike, volume 43, November, 1951, p.5 and 14 (pages 7 and 16 in pdf format)

3 of 8.jpeg

5T3 program

7T3 program

cannon  blurb 1985 history.jpg

Cannon, volume 7, No. 6, February 12, 1985, p. 7

cannon  blurb 1987 history part !.jpg cannon  blurb 1987 history part 2.jpg

Cannon, volume 9, No. 3, January 12, 1987, p. 1 and 3

cannon blurb 1987 history 2nd prt A.jpg cannon blurb 1987 history 2nd prt B.jpg

Cannon, volume 9, No. 3, February 12, 1987, p. 1 and 6

Toike Volume 88, Number 6 Tuesday, February 1, 1994..jpg

Toike Oike, Volume 88, No. 6 , February 1994, p. 5

0T1 program

History of Skule Nite