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Music samples

This is the comedic tune [SkuleTM Nite 6T1] ... where the baritone saxophone player stumbles badly on a very simple solo passage, gets banished, practices loudly, and comes back for a successful conclusion. My good friend Gary Morgan was that musician and he hammed it up and played the role really well. It got a really good laugh every night. J. Wyse, Band 5T9, 6T0, 6T1, 6T2, 6T3

Plenty of Nothin'

I have managed to locate and photocopy a few pages from the tune played by the SkuleTM Nite Orchestra in the first half of the 6T2 show. I mentioned on the phone that for this show I was able to engage a professional copyist (Harold Paul) who was able to copy the individual instrument parts in beautiful script, that musicians could easily read. I have also scanned two of those parts, the alto saxophone and the 2nd trumpet part. These are good visual samples of his work and the tunes. I have also attached the original band’s recording of this tune in mp3 format. This was a very difficult tune to play, and I believe the audience always appreciated that. J. Wyse, Band 5T9, 6T0, 6T1, 6T2, 6T3

The Worst Test SN1T0

Trashin' in the Library SN1T2

North_Shore_Morning-Score_and_Parts 1.jpg

Northshore Morning SN1T0

Northshore Morning SN1T4