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Thriller 8T4

...If you recall the original Michael Jackson video, there was a zombie who stumbled across screen and lost its arm as it walked by. Of course we needed to replicate that, and I happened to be the actor/dancer who would do that. A fake arm was created using some cardboard tubing, and it was dressed with a black glove and a red sleeve. I wore the rest of the red shirt and the other glove. 
One night, it might have been the Friday show, I was particularly in character. I was rolling my eyes upward as I stumbled zombie style. Much to my shock, in my lower peripheral I saw that I was leaving the stage!  It felt like a real-life Wylie Coyote moment - hovering above the orchestra pit!  Thankfully there was no band there, but I did knock over a mike. Staying completely in character, I growled at the audience (in a zombie version of I meant to do that) and then I stumbled back upon stage and then off stage to the wingsJ. Madden, Cast 8T4, 8T5, 8T6, 8T8; Director 8T7; Fossil 8T9, 9T0
In 1984, Michael Jackson was at his height, and Skule Nite featured a Thriller dance number, with cast member Corrado in the lead role. For one of our cast/crew dinners out, we went to the Organ Grinder restaurant, which featured a large organ with multiple sound effects. During the meal, the organist would play requests, or background music. I had bought a red Thriller jacket, and was wearing it to dinner. Some clever wag requested the organist play Thriller, and I was convinced by my so-called friends to get up on the dance floor. So I did a couple of Thriller dance moves, and there was much rejoicing. 
However, for the rest of the evening, I had difficulty finishing my dinner, as a number of young Michael Jackson fans came up and asked for my autograph. I couldn't refuse, but not actually being a convincing Michael Jackson, signed “MJ” with a flaming happy face. S.D. Roberts Cast 8T0, 8T2, 8T4; Design 8T1, 8T3, 8T4, 8T5; Band (Trumpet) 8T3, 8T7, 9T6; Director 8T5; Writer 8T4, 8T5, 8T6, 8T7; Videography 9T3, 9T5; Photography 9T7; Fossil 8T6, 9T1, 9T4
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Thriller 8T4