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Being part of the tech crew poses a unique set of challenges, including adapting to the tools and technologies and some very unusual sound requests. 


LP audio recording of SkuleTM Nite 6T0

...we're getting all these crazy requests, and we're trying to do as much as we possibly can to them. And then building the sounds is one part of it. And then the next part of it is getting it to fit seamlessly in and add to what's happening on stage…and then all of a sudden, they say, okay, we're doing an action movie, and we want you to work out all the hits, the punches, the, you know, sound of a neck breaking, the, you know, like, blocked, punch, blocked kick, and this, this was intense... M. Szeto, Sound Effects 9T9, 0T0, 0T1, 0T2, Producer 0T3, 0T4


Tech Team of SkuleTM Nite 2008


Tech Team of SkuleTM Nite 2014


Tech Team of SkuleTM Nite 2016

W. Ye 2018 - Sound.jpg

Sound Tech Team of SkuleTM Nite 2018