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Sandford Fleming Fire 7T7

We had just done our Thursday night show. And we went out. And I didn't live at U of T. So I commuted. So I stayed at a friend's house that night. The next morning, got up, and all the streets were blocked off of what's going on. And we saw smoke rising. It was the night that Sandford Fleming burned down. Whoa. Yeah. That all happened while we were out. Having a good time after our Thursday show. They were saying they were like, you guys were lucky because you've moved everything from Sanford Fleming...because we used to do all the sets in Sandford Fleming. And of course, the show opened on the Wednesday. So we had everything out of there in time, because the the fire happened while we were doing the show. P. Nelson Cast 7T7, 7T8, 7T9 Director 8T0


Before Sandford Fleming was re-opened, we held auditions and rehearsals in the Old Metro Library Building, not the Koffler Student Services Center. Some auditions were held in the abandoned/condemned theatre, now the Robert Gill Theatre. The interesting thing about that space was that the fire escape led out of the building, then back in again. S.D. Roberts Cast 8T0, 8T2, 8T4; Design 8T1, 8T3, 8T4, 8T5; Band (Trumpet) 8T3, 8T7, 9T6; Director 8T5; Writer 8T4, 8T5, 8T6, 8T7; Videography 9T3, 9T5; Photography 9T7; Fossil 8T6, 9T1, 9T4

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Sandford Fleming Fire 7T7