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Hart House Theatre Curtains

Hart House stage plan template.jpg

Hart House Stage Plan

The Hart House theatre curtains are named by colour; for example, the Stage Manager might direct the crew to close the first set of curtains by saying “close the rusts” at the end of a sketch. But the rusts weren’t always rust — up to 1981, they were the “golds." During the curtain call of Skule Nite 8T1, two friends of a cast member ran up on stage and sprayed him with whipped cream as a prank. The problem was, the golds were closed behind the cast, and some of the whipped cream hit the golds … and whipped cream stains fabric. As a result, the curtains had to be replaced at a not-insignificant cost, and replaced with new rust-coloured curtains, hence, “close the rusts.” S.D. Roberts Cast 8T0, 8T2, 8T4; Design 8T1, 8T3, 8T4, 8T5; Band (Trumpet) 8T3, 8T7, 9T6; Director 8T5; Writer 8T4, 8T5, 8T6, 8T7; Videography 9T3, 9T5; Photography 9T7; Fossil 8T6, 9T1, 9T4
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Hart House Theatre Curtains