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Costumes and Props

The props to be used onstage are kept on one of two tables on either side of the stage, depending on how the sketch is staged. These props are placed in specific places on the table during the tech rehearsal; the locations are taped off and labelled on the table. The layout of the props table is sacrosanct: there’s no time for panicky actors to rummage through a pile of props when timing is crucial. S.D. Roberts Cast 8T0, 8T2, 8T4; Design 8T1, 8T3, 8T4, 8T5; Band (Trumpet) 8T3, 8T7, 9T6; Director 8T5; Writer 8T4, 8T5, 8T6, 8T7; Videography 9T3, 9T5; Photography 9T7; Fossil 8T6, 9T1, 9T4

horn.jpeg of my favorite sketches was something that I was in, in my last year was 2002. And the joke was, I was an alien. And here's my horn that was on my head... D. Siegel, Cast and Writer, 9T8, 0T0, 0T1, 0T2

In 2002 it was director Mike Woods’ wish to have a sketch during the last musical number. I got the honour to be one of the aliens complete with shiny silver outfit, green horn, and flippers on my feet. L. Ferguson, Cast 9T7, 9T8, 9T9, 0T0, 0T1, 0T2, 0T3, 0T4 

In my kitchen at that shithole apartment on Spadina Circle, I sculpted all of those horns out of plasticine, using a paper plate as a base. Then I carefully walked the three-horns-on-a-plate over to the Second Cup House, so Paul Graham could cast a negative to mould his latex on. M. Wood, Director, 0T2

horn in show.JPG
Making of Skule Nite
Costumes and Props