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Course Work


Satirical diagram from the 1903 University of Toronto yearbook, graphing the year of an Engineering student. Torontonensis (1903), p. 197.

The School of Practical Science offered three-year diplomas in Civil Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Analytical and Applied Chemistry, and Mining Engineering. In 1890, a degree in Architecture was added. For students wishing to go the extra mile, the school also introduced a Bachelor of Applied Science in 1892, which required a fourth year of study and a thesis. [1]

Below is the timetable from the 1885-86 school year, with course schedules for all three years of the Engineering diploma. The program was so small at this time -- 23 first year students, 6 second year students, and 6 third year students -- that each year would have taken all their classes together.


School of Practical Science schedule of courses, 1885-86. SPS Calendar (1885), p.14-15.

Course Work