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Student Antics


The comic above hints at what some students may have done with their free time. Torontonensis (1905), p.255.

In special editions of the Engineering Society's Transactions in  1923, alumni reflected back on their experiences in the early years of the school: 

For physics we had to go over to Professor Loudon in the Arts Building. The physics lectures were attended also by certain Meds. Our large class crowded the lecture room so that a number usually had to go without seats and a small sized war usually occurred between S. P. S. and Meds accordingly. In spite of this, S. P. S and Meds would unite against Arts any time.

L. C. Charlesworth, class of 1893 (Engineering Society. Transactions and Yearbook, 1923. p. 87)

When the news of the discovert of X-Rays was cabled from Germany some experiments were immediately made at the S. P. S. and I had one of the early X-Ray photos.

H. V. Haight, class of 1896 (Engineering Society. Transactions and Yearbook, 1923, p. 90)

There is one incident I can never forget. Prof. Duff, also called "Johnny," was lecturing to us in some third-year subject. There was a scrap going on outside between School and Meds. About half way through the lecture Johnny Duff walked over to the window and looked out. We could see him smile. Then, without turning from the window, he drawled out in the lowest tones, "Gentlemen, I think the School is getting the worst of the scrap." Exit 3rd year en masse!

F. W. Thorold, class of 1900 (Engineering Society. Transactions and Yearbook, 1923, p. 91)

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The Engineering Society. Transactions and Yearbook (1923), p. 79-93. 


Student Antics