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J.W. Bain, Min 1896


James Watson Bain completed his diploma in Mining Engineering from 1893-1896, and was one of the few students at the time to choose to carry out a fourth year of study and thesis in order to be granted the Bachelor of Applied Science. He served as Graduate Representative for the Engineering Society from 1896-97. 


After graduation, he stayed at the school for over 50 years, eventually serving as head of the Department of Chemical Engineering from 1920-1946. Bain was a key figure in Chemical Engineering in Canada at the time. He was inducted into the University of Toronto's Engineering Alumni Hall of Distinction in 1983. [4]


Eng Soc Executive, 1896-97. James Bain is in the back row, second from the left. UTARMS, B1965-0026(001). 

Like all students at the SPS at the time, Bain was required to complete sets of technical drawings as part of his coursework, examples of which are included below and throughout the "course work" section:

B1965-0026(001)32 to 40 framing copy.jpg

Second year. December 11, 1894. UTARMS, B1965-0026(001)/32 to 40.

B1965-0026(001)41 to 53  window frames.jpg

Second year. March 2, 1895. UTARMS, B1965-0026(001)/41 to 53.

A Sampling of Students
J.W. Bain, Min 1896