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C.B. Hamilton, Jr., Mech 1906


Chester Brown Hamilton, Jr. completed a three-year diploma in Mechanical Engineering from 1903-1906. He continued his studies at the University of Toronto to complete a Bachelor of Applied Science in 1908 and a Master of Engineering in 1920.



Hamilton founded the Hamilton Gear and Machine Company in Toronto, and during the second world war developed a bronze substitute for worn gears that preserved tin, which was a scarce resource.  He authored Hamilton's Gear Book, an important industry reference that continued to be reissued in new editions even after Hamilton passed away in 1953. He was inducted into the University of Toronto's Engineering Alumni Hall of Distinction in 1979. [5]


Group photograph in a mechanical laboratory, 1906. C.B. Hamilton Jr. is third from the right in the front row. UTARMS, B2003-0015/001P(01).

This list outlines the required drawings and the order in which they need to be placed in the portfolio of second-year students in mechanical engineering. It is from Hamilton's drawing portfolio in the University of Toronto Archives. The drawing list is signed in the bottom right by professor J. Roy Cockburn, a lecturer in Descriptive Geometry.


UTARMS, B2003-0010/001(01).

Hamilton later returned to the the University of Toronto and the SPS--now the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering--as Honorary Chairman of the Mechanical Club.


UTARMS, B2003-0015/002P.

A Sampling of Students
C.B. Hamilton, Jr., Mech 1906