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P. C. Coates, Min 1904



Preston Coates served as an executive member of the Engineering Society as Assistant Librarian in 1902-03, and full Librarian in 1903-04.



Preston Coates's graduating biography. Torontonensis (1904), p.189.

Can you spot Preston as Assistant Librarian and Librarian in the photographs below?


S.P.S. Engineering Society executive, 1902-03. Torontonensis (1903), p. 191.


S.P.S. Engineering Society executive, 1903-04. Torontonensis (1904), p. 257.

On January 11, 1906, the Varsity's column on School of Science news included an announcement of Preston's marriage to Edith K. Roper:


The Varsity (January 11, 1906), p. 197.

Just one week later, the editor of the School of Science column implored readers to stop sending marriage notices, with the threat of charging advertising rates:


The Varsity (January 18, 1906), p. 213.

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P. C. Coates, Min 1904