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Classroom Spaces

School of Practical Science Building.tif

The School of Practical Science, ca. 1904. UTARMS, A1965-0004 [6.71].

The first physical space for the School of Practical Science was the "Little Red Skulehouse." Construction was completed in 1878 and the building was demolished in 1966.

The School was a lonely red brick building nestled beneath the great elm trees still standing and next to the high garden fence of the Observatory... The front door faced on the campus. Above its lintel were engraved mystic characters forming words. Perhaps you have never appreciated that doorway. While it is not so beautiful as many of the other University portals, it is, neertheless, beautiful because of the memories which surround it.

Walter J. Francis, class of 1893 (Engineering Society. Transactions and Yearbook, 1923. p. 91)

Until 1904, this was the the program's only building, litterally the School of Practical Science in both name and function.

6.15 Chemical Lab now Heat Lab.jpg

Chemical Laboratory, ca. 1900. UTARMS, A1965-0004/033 [6.15].

6.35 Group of Students in Electrical Lab_with border.jpg

Students working in electrical laboratory, ca. 1900. UTARMS, A1965-0004/033 [6.35].

6.20 Hydraulic Equipment_with border.jpg

Students working at hydraulic equipment, ca. 1900. UTARMS, A1965-0004/033 [6.20].

6.29 Students in Thermo-dynamics Dept.jpg

Students working at thermo-dynamics equipment, ca. 1900. UTARMS, A1965-0004/033 [6.29].

Classroom Spaces