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W.H. Ellis' Laboratory Notes


W.H.Ellis, c.1883. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Canada (1883), p.vii.

Chemistry  classes were taught by W.H. Ellis who was appointed Professor of  Applied Chemistry in 1880. From 1878 until 1885 the SPS had just these  two--Galbraith and Ellis--as directly appointed teaching staff, though students also received instruction in some subjects at University College. [1]


Cover of Ellis's Laboratory Notes. UTARMS, B2014-0019/001(04).


Pages from Ellis's laboratory notes. UTARMS, B2014-0019/001(04).

Ellis carried out his own research in the SPS Chemistry Laboratories. Much of this work involved testing for poisons for case proceedings for the Ontario Department of the Attorney General.


Letter January 2, 1912. UTARMS, B2014-0019/001(02).


Letter January 26, 1912. UTARMS, B2014-0019/001(02).

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W.H. Ellis' Laboratory Notes