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L.T. Burwash, Min 1897


A page of Burwash's rough notes, 1984. UTARMS, B1998-0021/001(09).

Lachlan "Lockie" Taylor Burwash studied at the school of practical science from 1893-1897, completing a Diploma in Mining Engineering.

The two sets of duplicate notes from Burwash's notebooks on the right and below suggest that he took notes first in a rough form and then recopied them into a second notebook in neater form.


A page of Burwash's "neat" notes, 1984. UTARMS, B1998-0021 /001(03). 

Notes taken by Lachlan Taylor Burwash for Applied Chemistry II, 1895. UTARMS, B1998-0021/001(04).

A Sampling of Students
L.T. Burwash, Min 1897