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Practice Sheets

B2002-0013 001 03 sphere shading.jpg

By Henry G. Acres, first year. March 16, 1901. UTARMS, B2002-0013/001(03)k.

B2002-0013 001 02 practice sheet.jpg

By Henry G. Acres, first year. March 29, 1901. UTARMS, B2002-0013/001(02)p.

B1987-0029.001(05) words and titles.jpg

By William C. Lumbers, first year. March 16, 1898. UTARMS, B1987-0029/001(05).

B2002-0013 001 02 practice sheet colour.jpg

By Henry G. Acres, second year. December 6, 1901. UTARMS, B2002-0013/001(02)l.