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Bed Prank


Prank at Gull Lake Survey Camp, ca. 1978

Photographer: Unknown

Wayne Stiver returned after a night at the Rockliffe Hotel, to find his bed missing in the Bunk House. He looked out over the lake and discovered it floating way out there. We heard a few choice words that night.  Arun Channan (Civil 8T0)


Bed on a raft, ca. 1978

Photographer: Unknown

The bed was mine and one night when the gang was at the Rockcliffe, some devious characters put my bed on the raft and moved it out onto Gull Lake. When I returned, I had to track my bed down and rescue my sleeping bag and clothes in order to get a night’s sleep. Wayne Stiver (Civil 8T0)


Bunkhouse, Gull Lake Survey Camp, ca. 1978

Photographer: Wayne Stiver

There’s another chapter to the bed story. Before they put it on the raft, I did find it in the rafters of the bunkhouse one night (yes, it was also after coming back from the Rockcliffe ...) I guess they had to outdo themselves and the raft was the option of choice. Wayne Stiver (Civil 8T0)