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John Edward Bahen (1927-2016) & Margaret Edith Bahen (1931-2016)

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John and Margaret Bahen

Courtesy of Engineering Strategic Communications

John and Margaret Bahen were both alumni of the University of Toronto. Margaret completed a diploma in Occupational Therapy in 1952 and John graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering in 1954.  The Bahens were strong supporters of medical and engineering research at the University of Toronto. They made several generous donations, including their contribution to the construction of the Bahen Centre for Information Technology. [22]

Margaret Bahen (nee Campbell), Torontonensis 1952

John Bahen, Torontonensis 1954

2002: Bahen Centre for Information Technology
John Edward Bahen (1927-2016) & Margaret Edith Bahen (1931-2016)