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1945: Ajax Division


Aerial View of Ajax Campus

Provided by the Town of Ajax - Ajax Archives

Address: Ajax, Ontario

Date: 1945-1949

Following World War II, the Canadian Government announced that it would offer free tuition for veterans to receive a university education. Interest in engineering was high and the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering required additional space to accommodate the incoming class. A large munitions plant in Ajax, formerly used by Defence Industries Ltd., was leased and converted to accommodate the new students. On January 14, 1946, more than 1400 first year students in engineering and architecture (approximately 80% veterans and 20% newly graduated high school students) started classes at the Ajax campus. Only first and second year courses were offered at the Ajax campus and more than 5,500 students attended them at this site between January 1946 until it closed in April 1949. [2] [11] [12]

1945: Ajax Division