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1991 Addition

A2012-0009 063 (11).jpg

Opening of the D.L. Pratt Building, January 21, 1991

S. Fels, Honourable A. Pilkey, Dean M. Chandler, Chairman Dr. R. McGavin, Mrs. L. Pratt, President R. Prichard

Photographer: Jewel Randolph, University of Toronto Archives, A2012-0009/063 (11)

The three story addition to the Metallurgy Building cost $9 million dollars. This addition was supported by a gift of $6.2 million dollars from Lucile Pratt on behalf of her late husband David Lawrence (Lorne) Pratt and funding from the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities and the Information Technology Research Centre. It was renamed the D.L. Pratt Building at the official opening on January 21, 1991. [14]