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1903: Haultain Building

Front View of the Milling Building, 1930.jpg

The Milling Building as a single-storey building, 1930

University of Toronto Archives, A1965-0004/013 (7.59)

Haultain Building.JPG

Address: 170 College Street (rear of) 

Architects: Francis Riley Heakes with Frank Darling (1903) renovations by Craig and Madill (1931)

Date Completed: 1903

Previous Names: Milling Building, Mill Building

When the Milling Building was constructed in 1903, it would have been visible from King's College Road. Originally a small one-storey building, the Milling Building held space for students to experiment with ore processing machinery. Today, known as the Haultain Building, it is hidden from street view by the Lassonde Mining Building, the Rosebrugh Building and the Mechanical Engineering Building. [5]

1903: Haultain Building