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Canadian Law and Canadian Identity

This Exhibit explores the intersection between Canadian law and Canadian identity (understood broadly to include dimensions such as culture, language, geography, race, ethnicity, and religion).  We consider how Canadian law has shaped conceptions of what Canada is and what a Canadian looks like, thinks, and says.  We also consider how Canada's history, geography, culture, and demographics have shaped Canadian law.

As Canada celebrates the 150th anniversary of Confederation, we offer you a tangled set of stories about how law has shaped a country and how a country and its people have shaped law. We are unable to say with any certainty or authority what it means to be "Canadian". Perhaps the most important pattern to note is a general willingness in this country to have difficult conversations and to leave room for disagreement, even disagreements about what it means to be Canadian. 


Dr. Theresa Miedema and the 2016-2017 TRN 304Y "Law and Social Issues" class. In alphabetical order: Ben Barrett, Danielle Carter, Ryan Chan, Wilson Crittenden, Julia Cross, Sheridan Cunningham, MacNeal Darnley, Samantha Davis, Andre Fast, Ben Fickling, Brad Gould, Pia Hansen, Madeleine Kelly, Hannah Lazare, Manshu Li, Sarah Marton, Anah Mizra, Xavier Monaghan, Joan Ohizua, Dev Ramkallie, Xhesika Resuli, Henna Rikhy, Clara Rutherford, Prisca Sebaratnam, Jesse Sonier, Steffi Tran, Caroline Xhaferri, and Raoof Zamanifar.