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The Truth and Reconciliation Commission

We must take ownership of Canada’s moral failures where Indigenous Peoples are concerned, especially with respect to residential schools.  Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission has set out a number of Calls to Action that provide guidance on how we can begin to take responsibility and promote healing and justice in Canada for Indigenous Peoples.

Sections 25-42 and sections 50-52 of the TRC's Calls to Action address Justice and Equity, respectively.  These Calls to Action outline the expectations placed on the Canadian legal system and the Government of Canada in redressing the harm caused to Indigenous Peoples.

If you are curious, the following links offer more in depth explanations and actual evidence of any action that has been taken. There is also information about the background of each call to action. Essentially, it is an interactive system that is monitoring the TRC Calls to Action! Take note that many of the section have little or no action recorded… 

Here is the link for Section 25-42 (Justice):

Here is the link for Section 50-52 (Equity):

So, you may be wondering how the Canadian government is doing with respect to the TRC's Calls to Action and its relationship with Indigenous Peoples. Apparently, there is a lot of room for improvement.

Please check out this article for more information on Trudeau’s failing grade in terms of reconciliation or listen to the audio clip below:  

On a more positive note, some Indigenous communities have moved toward forms of self-government.  One example is the Teslin Tlingit Justice Council and Peacemaker Court. A tripartite agreement among the Teslin Tlingit Council, the Yukon government, and the Canadian government provided for the establishment of a Teslin Tlingit justice system, including the establishment and recognition of a Peacemaker Court. The Peacemaker Court has the authority to hear disputes relating to Teslin Tlingit law, in accordance with the Teslin Tlingit principles and values.

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The Truth and Reconciliation Commission