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What do Canadians Wear? Turbans.


The image to the left, accompanied by the hashtags “Non-integrative” and “Invasion” were featured on a popularized poster found at the University of Alberta. Along with other debasing language, and anti-immigrant rhetoric, the poster is characteristic of a not uncommon belief that non-white Canadians should conform to European-Canadian culture, particularly when it comes to how they dress. 

Some Canadians took to Twitter to express their response to the poster.

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"Turban Eh!"

“Turban Eh!” was organized on the University of Alberta campus as a response to the anti-Sikh posters placed around campus. It had hopes of educating students and community members about the Sikh faith and the significance of wearing a turban.  

Toronto's "Turban Up!"

The Turban Up Event was held in Yonge-Dundas Square in May of 2015. The event was organized by the Sikh Youth Federation as an attempt to expose Toronto-residents and Canadians to the culture around turban wearing. The leaders viewed it as a means of eradicating some of the stereotypes facing turban-wearing Sikhs. The colourful turbans in this video reflect a powerful initiative and a unique Sikh-Canadian experience. Culture sharing is an important feature of Toronto and other major Canadian cities.

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